Yuri Zharikov

If you’ve spent any time strolling around the beaches within the Pacific Rim National Park, chances are you have seen Yuri out there. Yuri studies the ecology of migratory shorebirds and, sometimes, he kindly asks people to put their dogs back on a leash. These are just two ways that Yuri takes care of his surroundings and the environment, and doing so has been his dream since he was a kid. Born in the port city of Odesa, in what is now the Ukraine, Yuri has studied ecology all over the world. Since starting his family here 12 years ago, Yuri has called the West Coast his home. When Yuri saw an opportunity to be an ecologist in Pacific Rim National Park, he jumped at the opportunity. Bringing degrees from Trent, Simon Fraser, and a PhD from the University of Queensland in Brisbane, Yuri got the position.

At Pacific Rim, Yuri’s passion and appreciation for the wildlife of Tofino can be seen through his research. He’s collaborated with Dr. Barb Beasley and other scientists. Together they published a research paper investigating the effects of people (and dogs) on migratory shorebirds in the Tofino Mudflats. Their research provided insights into migratory shorebird health, who– through their massive migrations– deeply connect this area to ecosystems all along the coast.

Since getting a position at Pacific Rim, Yuri’s been able to contribute to scientific research on migratory shorebirds– a pressing issue as they lose habitat. Yuri’s work is aimed to help preserve Pacific Rim for future generations, including his own kids.