Yoga + Mind Body Medicine - July 2018

Ready to deepen your knowledge of how yoga can really heal? Ready to explore the body systems beyond the muscles and bones of the body? Then this course is a must!


July 08 - 12, 2018




Eoin Finn


Dr. Lawrence Cheng


Ucluelet Community Centre
500 Matterson Dr.


Taught in conjunction with Integrative Medicine expert Dr. Lawrence Cheng and globally renowned yogi Eoin Finn, this course will enhance the ability of yoga teachers, yoga students, or holistic practitioners to understand the profound impact of yoga from both a “right brain” and “left brain” perspective.

We will explore the Chakras and how this maps with the Endocrine System. Each one of the Chakras aligns almost exactly with part of our glandular system. Understanding the functions at this level will help practitioners find deeper balance within Mind and Body. We will share tools from our Blissology toolbox about how to embody peace in all these areas. The healing effects will be profound.

We will also explore the Gunas and how they map with the ancient idea of the Gunas. This will deeply enhance your ability to find Mind Body balance and health in our continuously accelerating pace of life in the modern world.

What you will feel is that you have learned the skills of how to become more embodied in yoga and how to transfer this knowledge to your students. This will open the door to understanding the subtle energies of the body.

We want you to be not just a practitioner of yoga but a true healer!


You do not need to be a yoga teacher or have completed any other Blissology training to apply but students should be committed to deep learning. The course will be a mix of asana practice and discussion and is open to beginner, as well as advanced yogis.

Course fee:

The goal is to make this training affordable. Please email Blissology for more details.

How to register:

This course will be held at the Ucluelet Community Centre. Space is very limited so we recommend registering soon to secure your spot. For more information, payment plans or registration, contact