Wild Pacific Trail Interpretive Walks

The Wild Pacific Trail is a unique outdoor classroom that presents incredible opportunities to connect people to nature through its location, fixed interpretive signage, and specialist-led programs. Programs aim to engage both visitors and local communities. Topics range from natural to cultural history.


May 20 - August 30, 2017


Wild Pacific Trail Society


Silva Johansson


WPT Ambassadors


PO Box 572
Ucluelet, BC


Lighthouse Loop interpretive walk:

Learn about the wild weather, impenetrable rainforest, and coastal geography that doomed so many ships and survivors in the “Graveyard of the Pacific.”  History comes to life in the story of the sinking of the Pass of Melfort - the tragic event that inspired the building of the lighthouse.  Bring your questions to learn about the forest and all creatures great and small. Interpretive walks are led by the WPT Ambassador and other program experts such as Silva Johansson, the Ucluelet Aquarium, and the Central West Coast Forest Society.

Oyster Jim

Oyster Jim is the trail founder and builder. He hosts several walks offering his unique personal history with the trail and highlight features of the coastline.

Ucluelet Aquarium

The Ucluelet Aquarium  leads a fantastic tidepool exploration at Big Beach with two of their Aquarium Guides. Gumboots or sturdy shoes suggested. 

Daily walks commence on the long weekend in May and continuing to the end of September.

Course fee:

Interpretive walks by donation.

How to register:

No registration required, please check the Wild Pacific Trail website for calendar of events outlining dates, times, and locations of the walks.