Tofino Freediver Course - May 2022

Learn the fundamental building blocks of Freediving in Kennedy Lake and Lemmens Inlet with Bottom Dwellers Freediving.


May 02 - 04, 2022


Bottom Dwellers Freediving




*Course also includes two online Zoom sessions April 12 & 13*

In this course, you will be taught the fundamental building blocks of Freediving. You will learn freediving skills and techniques and experience firsthand how these will benefit you within an aquatic environment. You will learn about the physics and physiology of freediving and how your body adapts to being at depth. The PFI Freediver course will allow you to reach depths of up to 20m/66' deep during the open water sessions. In confined water sessions, the PFI Freediver course will also have you explore and practice Static Apnea with the goal of increasing your breath-hold capabilities and learning to better manage your body for freediving.

The focus of instructional material in the PFI Freediver course will be on:

  • Proper safety practices and procedures as well as rescue and risk management.
  • Proper surface prep and recovery breathing techniques for freediving and snorkelling.
  • Open-water and confined-water skills development. 
  • Learn about proper freediving equipment: why it works and how to maintain it.

Course Schedule

APR 12th*: 6pm-9pm Zoom Classroom Session

APR 13th*: 6pm-9pm Zoom Classroom Session

MAY 2nd: Confined Water 1 @ Kennedy Lake 1pm-6pm (transport provided from TRM departing at 1pm)

MAY 3rd: Confined Water 2 & Open Water 1 @ Kennedy Lake (transport provided from TRM departing at 730am)


MAY 4th: Open Water 2 @ Lemmens Inlet by Boat Depart 830am-1230PM


To participate in any of Bottom Dwellers' courses you must meet the requirements of the medical form provided by Performance Freediving International. Bottom Dwellers instructs the Performance Freediving International System which upholds the highest standards of educational foundation in our attempts to provide the safest and most efficient learning environment for our students.

Course fee:

$860 + GST. See website for details on what this includes.

How to register:

Contact Bottom Dwellers Freediving for more information or register through the link below.