Superflow, 50-hour Advanced Yoga Training - *new date* October 2019

Alignment based yoga is great but if it has a shadow side—it can be linear and make us feel like we are in a box compared to the fluidity, grace and power of a Superflow™.


October 02 - 06, 2019


Blissology at Ucluelet Community Centre


Eoin Finn


500 Matterson Dr


Supeflow™ is not a replacement for alignment based vinyasa yoga, rather it is an extension of it. It is inspired by the joy of movement and ways to compliment the traditional yoga asana practice with movements from other modalities and original movement patterns.

Many of these movement patters were born from surfing and ocean rhythms. Like the ocean itself, Superflow ™ movements are sometimes gentle, fluid and calming, and sometimes they are powerful and explosive. The fitness sequences will make you strong yet loose, not strong and stiff. In this course, you will master the skills of both softness and fluid strength.

Supeflow™ is also a ritual of our interconnection with nature and the ocean. Like all Blissology classes, our intention is to dissolve the barrier between where we end and nature begins. We want to share these skills of brining deep ecology into your classes and show you how fluidity opens the door.

Whether the classes are used to create surf fitness or peace, they always start with embodied and fluid movements that are soothing and open us up our intuition and the experience of our energy body. This will have profound effects on our relationships with self, community and nature.

We are excited to share this movement art with you.

This course is taught as a 5-day immersion. There will be required pre-reading, films, assigned journaling exercises and various experiential learning as well as teaching exercises. We pride ourselves on our desire for community; enjoy family meals, sunset yoga and a potential for a group surf excursion during this module.


You do not need to be a yoga teacher or have completed any other Blissology training to apply but we do ask that students are committed to deep learning. The course will be a mix of asana practice and discussion and is open to beginner, as well as advanced yogis.

Course fee:

Our goal is to make this training affordable. Please email us for more details.

How to register:

This course will be held at the Ucluelet Community Centre. Space is very limited so we recommend registering soon to secure your spot. For more information, payment plans, or registration, check the Blissology website: Here