SKILS Paddle Canada Level 4 - April 2018

Learn the diversity of coastal kayaking conditions in this two part course, currents of Quarda Island and wave exposure of the west coast Barkley Sound.


April 14 - 20, 2018




PO Box 727
Ucluelet, BC


This course is divided between the fast moving currents of Quadra Island and the surf swept beaches of the West Coast Barkley Sound to take advantage of the diversity of paddling on Vancouver Island.  Level 4 Skills pushes you to integrate all your paddling skills in dynamic and challenging waters.  There are specific lessons, but instructors try to take advantage of conditions as they arise as well.  There is a strong peer leadership component on this course.

One half is based out of the beautiful and convenient Discovery Island Lodge.  Surge Narrows is a 15 minute paddle from the lodge.  Each day will be divided between skills development and playing in the currents.

The other half of the course is spent camping out on the beautiful surf swept beaches of the West Coast. The A to B format provides logistical and route planning challenges; the exposed outside of Vancouver Island provides a higher level of exposure from weather, sea state, and terrain.   Together these places make for a great Level 4 playground.

Both training and assessment are provided in this course.


Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills Considerable touring experience and an ability to role is essential.

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