SKGABC Level 3 Guide Workshop - April 2023

This course provides a short and intensive review of the skills and knowledge expected of a Level 3 Guide.


April 19 - 21, 2023




Clayoquot Sound


The Level 3 Guide Workshop is intended for Level 2 Guides or Assistant Overnight Guides preparing for their Level 3 Exam or as an early season refresher for Level 3 Guides. Participants will work through a wide range of paddling, safety, and leadership skills, review how to record and predict the weather, calculate more complex tides and currents, and navigate using a range of tools and techniques. Each candidate will be provided with a detailed assessment and a recommendation whether or not to challenge the SKGABC Level 3 exam.

This course is designed and taught by SKGABC Examiners and Guide Trainers.

Strong candidates also have the option of achieving Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills.

ISKGA Training Modules Included: 

  • Coastal Planning and Navigation 
  • Sea Kayaking Fundamentals Level 3


Advanced skill level (Participants are exposed to larger objective risks including strong currents, winds, and waves—participants must have a solid foundation in knowledge and experience on the ocean.) SKGABC Assistant Overnight Guide or SKGABC Level 2 Guide

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How to register:

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