Paddle Canada Level 3 Skills (Clayoquot Sound) - May 2024

Join SKILS to polish up your skills from Paddle Canada Level 3 and learn how to apply them in more dynamic waters on the open coast.


May 24 - 28, 2024




Box 727
Ucluelet, British Columbia


The five-day Level 3 Skills includes practical skills and knowledge for multi-day touring on coastal waters with currents, limited landing options, challenging navigation, limited access to communication and emergency services. 

The focus is on the development and practical application of leadership, risk assessment, decision-making, judgement, group management, and general seamanship. Participants will also continue to develop the skills covered in Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills, to a higher standard of proficiency. 

Training and assessment are provided in this course. 

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Intermediate skill level Paddle Canada Level 2 Skills or equivalent experiences. Extended trips of 2 or more days totaling 10 overnights.

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