ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor - February 2021

Get your certification as a ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor in a 2-day course with Shanty Kariatsumari!


February 27 - 28, 2021


ISA & CSA Surf Canada


Shandy Kariatsumari




The International Surfing Association Level 1 Surf Instructor works with the novice surfer in white water, teaching basic surfing skills including an introduction to equipment, beach safety, paddling, catching waves, popping up, riding white water, and traversing white water. These skills are learned on soft boards in white water conditions on beach breaks. 

Due to COVID-19, this course has been adjusted to be delivered as a blend of virtual and in-person learning. 

This course is aimed at individuals with surfing experience who wish to teach basic surfing techniques to the novice. 

This level one course is the cutting industry-standard for surf instructors at quality surf schools around the world. This course has the broadest international appeal. 

The Level 1 Surf Instructor Course is run over two days and involves practical and theory modules along with a surfing assessment. 

To successfully complete certification a candidate must: 

  • Successfully complete Level 1 Surf Instructor Course 
  • After the 2 day course, 20 hours lesson planning and coaching experience with an ISA level one coach or greater (or equivalent) as a mentor, logged, and planned. Lesson plans and logs to be then returned to course presenter for assessment. 
  • Provide the presenter a valid surf or beach lifeguard/First Aid certification. 

On completion of the above a candidate will received on ISA Level 1 Surf certificate. It must be completed within one year of your course date. 

The ISA Level 1 Award holder must re-register and pay the $100 USD fee for the ISA yearly and hold a current acceptable surf lifeguard/First Aid award. 


Minimum 16 years of age. The surfer must have at least 2 years of surfing experience. They must demonstrate an ability to paddle "out back" in a reasonable time, take-off, and surf right and left on an unbroken wave. The surfer must hold a Surf Rescue/First Aid Award or suitable equivalent, which can be taken up to a year after the course.

How to register:

To inquire about course prices and to register please contact Shandy Kariatsumari at 250-266-2075 or