"Indigenous and Canadian Histories 101: what you didn't learn in high school" with Sarah Robinson

In this short film, learn the sides of Indigenous and Canadian histories that you likely didn't learn in public high school.




Rainwatch Advising


Sarah Robinson




Many Canadians have not had the opportunity to learn "the basics" about Indigenous peoples' experiences in what-is-currently-called Canada because these things were simply not taught in public schools. If you are keen to learn more about these histories, if you are motivated by truth and reconciliation efforts, if you are a newcomer to Canada, or, if you simply need a refresher in these matters, then this video is for you!

This 45-minute film, created and narrated by Sarah Robinson from Rainwatch Advising, explores Canadian history from an Indigenous perspective and provides an introduction to: 

  • Basic terminology
  • Words to use and words to avoid 
  • The impacts of the Indian Act legislation 
  • A brief overview of residential schools 
  • Key moments in Indigenous and Canadian shared histories 

After watching the video, please provide yourself time for reflection. There is a lot of information provided in the video, so afterwards it may be helpful to individually reflect on the following questions: 

  • this video made me feel...
  • two ways I'm going to apply this information are...
  • two things I'm going to commit to researching more about are...

If you are watching in a group, here are some questions to discuss afterwards in partners or a group: 

  • the piece of information that was most compelling to me is...
  • I'd like to apply this information in our work by...
  • one word to describe how I'm feeling is... 

If you would like to learn more about these histories and topics, Sarah Robinson also provides workshops which can be tailored to suit you (and your group's) needs. Please visit http://rainwatch.ca/training#videos to learn more and inquire about a workshop for your team. 


No prerequisites.

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To access the video, you will first need to set up a free Vimeo account at www.vimeo.com (this will only take 60 seconds). The "Join" button is in the top left corner of the Vimeo page. To rent the video, visit www.rainwatch.ca/training and scroll down to the video trailer. In the top right hand corner of the trailer, there is a button that says "Rent CA$55.00." Click this button and you will be taken to the Vimeo log-in page where you can enter your account details. You will be redirected to the Indigenous and Canadian Histories 101 video, click the "Rent CA $55.00" button and enter your payment details. Then sit back and learn!