Grain Surfboards Wooden Surfboarding Building Workshop- June 2019

Build your own wooden surfboard at this five day workshop at the Cedar Coast Field Station on Vargas Island!


June 17 - 21, 2019


Cedar Coast Field Station


Po Box 1209
Tofino BC


Come to learn new woodworking skills, because you already love working with wood, or because those typing fingers are yearning to handle a real tool. Come for the experience of working beside Grain’s board builders at the Cedar Coast Field Station, located on Vargas Island—a remote island just north of Tofino, B.C. Come to make memories with new friends, or bring your family and friends. Or heck, come for an all-inclusive trip to Vargas Island! Finally, come to BUILD YOUR OWN SURFBOARD!

Five days in, beautiful board out. You’ll get right down to it in this five-day class, beginning with building up the rails, joining the tops, and then shaping and sanding your board so it’s fully ready for fiberglass. You have a pick of over a dozen different models to build, plus your choice of plank design!

No experience necessary. Students are guided through the entire process with full use of our shop and tools. Perfect for those of you who want to make your own board but don’t want to take on another project at home, or don’t have the space or tools to get the job done right.

Photo Credit: Grain Surfboards



Course fee:

$3500 (all-inclusive)

How to register: