Freedive Harvesting Online Academic Course - April 2022

Bottom Dwellers’ online Freedive-Harvesting Course is designed for our local in-water environment of the PNW focusing on the Skills and Fundamentals of Ethical, Sustainable, and Safe Freedive-Harvesting Practices.


April 05 - 06, 2022


Bottom Dwellers Freediving




Bottom Dwellers’ Freedive-Harvesting Online Course is designed for the local in-water environment of the PNW focusing on the skills and fundamentals of ethical, sustainable, and safe freedive-harvesting practices.

The focus of instructional material in BD's Online Freedive-Harvesting Courses will be on:

  • Proper safety practices and procedures for freedive-harvesting and spearfishing as a safe-buddy system
  • Proper execution of safe-buddy system protocols
  • Classroom knowledge and development and in-water skill development, covering such topics as handling of band-powered devices, safe freediving practices while harvesting, line management, signals & communication, risk management, and how to navigate the basic rules & regulations of local law.
  • Freedive-harvesting/spearfishing equipment use, management, and maintenance. Learn the benefits of specific freedive-harvesting/spearfishing equipment: why it works, how to maximize its potential, and how to keep your gear working for you.

Who's this course for?

This course, as solely an online course, is for those interested in learning about spearfishing and freedive-harvesting and are considering getting into the water. This course without having completed a Freediving Certification nor the In-Water Training of the Freedive-Harvesting course does not fully prepare you for entering the water and is to be understood as being a knowledge and development course under these parameters for those interested in learning more about the sport.


    All experience levels welcome

    Course fee:

    $180 + GST.

    How to register:

    Contact Bottom Dwellers Freediving for more information or register through the link below.