Food Preservation Trainer Certification - November 2017

Join this workshop to learn how to safely preserve your food and gain the skills, resources, and certification to lead a food preservation workshop in your community!


November 25 - 26, 2017


Tofino Community Food Initiative


Tofino Community Hall
351 Arnet Road


Join the Tofino Community Food Initiative for a PRESERVESafe (TM) Train the Trainer workshop. Through two days of in the kitchen hands-on activities and theoretical online lessons,  participants will gain the skills, resources, and guidance needed so they can teach their own workshops or work with local community organizations.

The topics covered include: food safety, various preservation techniques (drying, pressure canning, boiling water bath canning), preservation of various foods (fruit, vegetables, meat, and fish), facilitation skills, and connections to gardening and traditional harvesting.

Upon successful completion of the course, participants will be PRESERVESafe(TM) trainer certified.

Course fee:

$220 (sponsorship may be available)

How to register:

To register, contact Leah Austin at 250-266-0527 or before the deadline of November 18th.

Be sure to register early as spaces are limited!