Egress Training Ucluelet - April 5th 2024

Join Datum Marine Services and Arctic Response to learn about critical lifesaving skills!


April 05, 2024


Datum Marine Services & Artic Response


Ucluelet Community Center (500 Matterson Dr)
West Coast Fitness (279 Hemlock Street)


“Egress” training is a well-known, required training for float plane pilots in which people are taught how to stay calm, solve problems, and escape from a plane cabin underwater in case of an accident and capsize. Although not required for mariners, the skills are very transferable to people who travel on small boats frequently.

The training seeks to show students in the classroom how panic works, and how to calm this part of the nervous system. You will see your mind and body in a completely new way. This training should not be only for pilots, this is a fantastic empowering tool for anyone driving a car near water, often traveling on a small boat, or flying frequently on small planes.


This 1 day course starts in the classroom in the morning followed by practical pool activities in the afternoon.

Course times: 8:30 am - 5 pm with a break for lunch

Please bring the following items:

  • notebook, pen/pencil for classroom portion
  • coffee/tea/water and snacks (if desired)
  • clean clothing to wear in the pool (lightweight shirt and pants, clean closed toe shoes and a thin pair of gloves). You can wear a bathing suit underneath your clothes if you prefer
  • towel, wash kit (soap, shampoo, etc.) for after the pool session
  • change of clothes (dry) to wear after pool training

Aircraft Underwater Egress training is one of the most conclusively proven courses to improve the survivability of successful graduates.

Datum Marine is partnering up with the Arctic Response Corporation, who regularly run this training (even for the armed forces in Esquimalt).

Photo credits: Arctic Response Corporation

Course fee:

$450 + GST

How to register:

To register email