Educational Filmmaking - June 2020

An introduction to digital video content creation for our partners working in community environmental and education sectors. Gain hands on experience writing stories, setting up a shot, building a scene, and start sharing your content today!


June 16 - July 07, 2020


Online with West Coast NEST & Raincoast Education Society


Stefania Gorgopa



This course, to be delivered remotely, is designed to introduce those working in the non-profit, environmental and educational sectors to digital video content creation. Taught by Stefania Gorgopa of Raincoast Education Society, the focus will be on storytelling with educational content and using the equipment we have readily available to us; all you need is a smartphone and a computer! Participants will gain hands on experience writing stories for video, setting up a shot and building a scene. Class assignments will build towards a final video project. Learn tips and tricks for awesome looking video, no professional equipment required. Start filming, editing, and sharing your own content today.


About the instructor:

Stefania Gorgopa is the Communications Director with Raincoast Education Society. Her formal film education began with the inaugural Scientific Filmmaking course offered at the Bamfield Marine Science Center in 2009. Since then she has made several short films about scientific research, winning second place at the University of Victoria’s Research Reels competition in 2017. She has trained extensively in the areas of science communication and community engagement while pursuing her Masters of Science in Environmental Studies.


Four sessions:

Session 1: 2hrs in virtual class, plus homework

Lessons #1 Story and Lesson # 2 Shooting

Session 2: 1hr in virtual class, plus homework

Lessons #3 Editing

Session 3: 1hr in virtual class, plus homework

Lesson #4 Audio

Session 4: 1hr in virtual class, plus homework

Lesson #5 Sharing & Publishing


Participants are encouraged to concurrently participate in the upcoming Sustainable Development Goal workshops, to learn about the SDGs and discuss how we can work together in our region to support the global goals.



The course will be held online.

Course fee:

Free for NEST Regional Partners