Coastal Animal Tracking - May 2018

From the tiniest shrews to bears and cougars, the signs of wild animals are around us year-round waiting to be discovered by the observant outdoor adventurist.


May 25 - 27, 2018


Raincoast Education Society


David Moskowitz


PO Box 815
Tofino, BC


Humans’ unique ability to find, interpret and follow the tracks and signs of wildlife is a skill that has been a fundamental part of our relationship with the natural world from the beginnings of our species. Tracking knowledge continues to be a fundamental field skill in contemporary wildlife research and management, hunting, recreation, and environmental education.

In this three day workshop, participants train in the fundamental field skills to reliably and consistently identify and interpret wildlife tracks and other signs. The class covers how to use wildlife tracking to explore the unique biology and ecological relationships of local wildlife species to each other and their environment.

David Moskowitz is an author and photographer of Wildlife of the Pacific Northwest and Wolves in the Land of Salmon (Timber Press). He is a certified Track and Sign Specialist through Cybertracker Conservation International, the international standard for wildlife tracking certification, for which he is also an evaluator. David works as a biologist, photographer, and educator across North America and beyond.

Course fee:

$280 includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday