Advanced Wilderness and Remote First-Aid with CPR C - March 2020

This 40-hour interactive wilderness first-aid certification course is the standard for outdoor and wilderness adventure guides including assistant overnight sea kayak guides.


March 06 - 10, 2020


SWELL Education (formerly T'ashii Paddle School)


Emre Bosut


Tofino, BC


The Advanced Wilderness and Remote First Aid (AWFA) course is a five-day certification course in Tofino. Only the Friday evening portion (CPR portion) of the course takes place inside. The rest of the course is run in the field with a focus on hands-on experience. Students will learn and practice; trip planning and preparation, adult, child and infant CPR (Level ‘C’), obstructed airway procedures, artificial respiration, use of an Automated External Defibrillator, prevention of disease transmission and wound management. Recognition and first-aid treatment for drowning/partial drowning, heart attack and stroke, allergic reactions and anaphylactic shock, hypothermia, heatstroke, bone, muscle and joint injuries, poisons, burns, diabetic emergencies, head and spine injuries, evacuation, transportation and extended care will also be covered.

Most importantly the course develops student's abilities to help patients by developing wilderness emergency decision-making skills required to assess patients and make evacuation plans. Students will practice both the acquired hard skills in combination with decision-making skills during realistic outdoor scenarios designed to build student's confidence in their ability to respond to emergencies in remote settings.

Course fee:

$449 + GST

How to register:

Click the link below to register or call: 250-266-3787