Beach Seine with the Ucluelet Aquarium - Pacific Rim Whale Festival
Pacific Rim Whale Festival Ucluelet Aquarium Event Beach Seine

Join the Pacific Rim Whale Festival for a special celebration as the Ucluelet Aquarium hosts a morning public beach seine at Terrace Beach. This engaging event is free for all attendees!

Ever wondered about beach seines? They offer a fantastic way to collect small, shallow-water animals like perch without causing hook-and-line-related injuries. Watch as the Ucluelet Aquarium staff don their wetsuits and skillfully pull in the seine net to the shore.

Visitors are invited to observe the fascinating array of marine specimens caught in the net and learn more about them from the knowledgeable Ucluelet Aquarium staff members and volunteers. It's a unique opportunity to connect with marine life and deepen your understanding of the delicate coastal ecosystem.

Don't miss this chance to experience the wonders of the ocean up close and gain valuable insights into the marine world. Bring your curiosity and join them for a memorable discovery at Terrace Beach!

Photo Credits: Pacific Rim Whale Festival 

July 2024