Fall 2018

September 11, 2018

This issue highlights some unique upcoming courses and events. Join us on the West Coast this fall and learn to freedive, jump onboard the CCGS Vector – a Canadian Coast Guard ship, or gather for a Knitting and Weaving Retreat. Read on to hear more about these and other exciting learning opportunities!

West Coast Knitting and Weaving Retreat
Come learn how to knit warm and cozy, bright and beautiful 2-stranded knitting, the art and craft of cedar weaving, and enjoy Pacific-ocean views during a naturalist-led walk on the Wild Pacific Trail. Don't miss out! Registration deadline is September 15th.
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Mushrooms of the West Coast
Dive into the wonderful world of mushrooms in this 3-day field course hosted by the Raincoast Education Society! Learn from the experts how to identify, collect, and cook-up edible mushrooms.
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Freediver Course
Learn to freedive for whatever application you seek, in a safe and controlled environment, while in the company of a freediving professional from Bottom Dwellers Freediving, Move through the classroom, pool, and open water to learn and practice safe and proper freediving and breath-hold techniques, equipment, and the fundamental physiology and physics of freediving.
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PromoScience Expedition
The Canadian Coast Guard research ship the CCGS Vector will come to communities on the West Coast October 17 - 21. The ship will be loaded with a crew of scientists, marine research equipment and displays of research from the area surrounding local ports of call. The ship will be open for all to come on board and find out about marine research in the area. Stay tuned to our Events page for more details including transportation, tour times, and accompanying event details such as an Ocean Fair and a day of free admission to the Ucluelet Aquarium!
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Youth Empowerment Camp
Youth ages 12 – 16 gained new leadership skills in this 5-day program at the Cedar Coast Field Station in beautiful Clayoquot Sound. Nestled on a 45 acre, waterfront property on the southeast shoreline of Vargas Island, the station is just 5 kilometers northwest of Tofino. The camp is bordered by mixed rocky and gravel beaches and forested land – providing the perfect environment for students to explore their comfort zones by participating nature challenges, kayaking, outdoor workshops, and cultural teachings. This camp provided a unique opportunity for youth to become empowered through collaboration, and reflection of their relationship with themselves, each other and the land. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled on our course listings for more information about the 2019 Youth Empowerment Camp. Cedar Coast Field Station programs provide an opportunity for learners to develop a more ecologically grounded perspective directly through curriculum, and indirectly through place-based experiential learning.
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Wild Pacific Trail
It was a busy summer on the Wild Pacific Trail in Ucluelet! Guided walks with local experts were held 6 days a week. Over the summer, thousands of people attended the walks from all over the world to learn about everything from the shipwrecks that led to the building of Amphitrite Lighthouse, to the forces of nature that produce powerful winter storms, to the secrets hidden beneath our coastal bog, to the many creatures and plants that appear on the West Coast. Guided walks continue 4 days a week through September and naturalists are available to speak with visiting groups throughout the year. Be sure to check out this unique and stunning trail on your next visit!
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