Raincoast Education Society Speaker Series: Giants of the Deep

February's Speaker Series will be on the new giants of the deep topic: rorquals.

Including the two largest animal species on planet Earth, rorquals are a group of baleen whale species that are characterized by deep ventral grooves that extend from the chin, down the throat to the belly and expand like a bellows to allow the whale to gulp-feed. Most of the rorqual species were hunted during the commercial hunting era, pushing their population numbers to the brink of extinction and leaving many still in dire need of conservation efforts. 

This session will be hosted by instructor About Éadin N. O’Mahony. Éadin is an Irish-German marine biologist, coastguard rescue officer, and novice potter.

Price: FREE 

For more in formation and registration: https://raincoasteducation.org/calendar-event/rorquals-the-largest-whales-on-earth/

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