Cedar Coast Field Science Camp - August 2018

This is a perfect camp for budding researchers and those with inquisitive minds! Students aged 12-16 taking part in this 5 day program will have the opportunity to explore the many biomes of Vargas Island in beautiful Clayoquot Sound.


August 13 - 17, 2018


Cedar Coast Field Station


Vargas Island


Students will be introduced to fieldwork and data collection and study a research question that aligns with their interests. This camp will foster exploration of the natural world through both adventure and the scientific method! For more information or registration, please email info@cedarcoastfieldstation.org

Cedar Coast Field Station (CCFS) programs provide an opportunity for learners to develop a more ecologically grounded perspective directly through curriculum, and indirectly through place-based experiential learning. CCFS believes fostering an ecological perspective, for all ages, is of great importance since education influences attitude, and attitude reveals the environmental policies we stand by.


This camp is for youth aged 12 - 16 years old.

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How to register:

To register and for more information, email info@cedarcoastfieldstation.org.